Building Consumer Trust in Pervasive Retail [Keynote Talk]
George Roussos (University of London, UK)

Abstract. At the core of the vision of pervasive computing lies the ability to augment physical artefacts with electronic properties and to create physical manifestations of electronic entities. The first widely available technology to offer this capability is RFID. When combined with the EPC Global network it is possible to track products from the time of manufacture until the consumer waste bin. To be sure, this development offers unique opportunities for the transformation of the shopping experience. Yet, it also brings considerable dangers in that consumers? activities can also be tracked and their privacy violated. Even worse, this can happen without any visible sign and thus completely transparently to the consumer. It is no surprise then that RFID use has generated considerable concerns across the globe. In this lecture, I will explore consumer perceptions of pervasive retail and discuss approaches that can help develop consumer trust in RFID-based systems.