About SLRC
System LSI Research Center (SLRC) was founded in 2001 to develop the design and application technologies of system LSI's. Due to the rapid progress of semiconductor integrated circuit technology, we can now implement a complicated system which is composed of more than tens millions of transistors on a tiny silicon chip. A system LSI, which is also called an SoC (System-on-a-Chip), is an integrated circuit consisting of various components such as processors, memories, digital circuits, analog circuits, sensors, radio frequency interface and software. System LSI's have been used in mobile phones, portable computers, digital still cameras, and TV game machines and the application area will be spread to various social systems. System LSI's require new design methodologies, because it contains various components and very complicated functionality. Designers are requested to design System LSI's with high performance, low energy consumption and low cost under the strong pressure for time-to-market. Since System LSI's are used in various social systems, reliability and security are also very important. Software is the most critical component of System LSI's and software engineering for huge embedded systems on System LSI's should be established quickly.
Role of SLRC

Design of System LSI's as Information Technology for Social Infrastructure
System LSI design is a key technology among information technologies supporting the future social infrastructure. System LSI will be applied widely in various social systems and life lines.
  • (1) Intelligent Transportation Systems: Navigation, Automatic driving, Safety systems, etc.
  • (2) Electric Economic Systems: Electric money, Electric commerce, Inter net Banking, etc.
  • (3) Electric Government Systems: Electric taxation, Electric voting, Governmental services, etc.
In these systems, performance, cost, energy consumption, reliability and security of the system LSI's influence the quality and stability of our society. Research activities of SLRC includes design and verification technologies of system LSI's, design methods for highly reliable and secure system LSI's, and design methods for embedded software on system LSI's. The goal of SLRC activities is to establish a grand design of information technology for the next generation of social systems.